Editorial by Jacques di Constanzo

Monaco, or the Principality of Monaco, is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, along the French Riviera, at about 20 km east of Nice. Monaco is surrounded by the French cities of Cap-d'Ail, Beausoleil, Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, and La Turbie.

A dominion of the Genoese Republic, where the Grimaldi family held a prominent position, Monaco was somewhat autonomous from 1297 and became a constitutional monarchy in 1911. Since 2005, Monaco is ruled by the Prince Albert II of Monaco from the Grimaldi dynasty—one of the oldest dynasties in the world. In 2005, the size of Monaco was 1.974 km². It  is now 2.02 km², which makes it the world’s second smallest independent state—the first being the Vatican. The population is 36,371, which represents a density of 18,005 inhabitants per km2. It is the most densely populated country in the world.

Almost entirely urban, the Principality of Monaco enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate with numerous luxury hotels. The Formula 1 Grand Prix is one of the main events held in Monaco which also offers  all year long attractions including the Monte-Carlo casino, the Oceanographic Museum, and the Palace.

Monaco lays at the crossroads of Italy, France, and Northern Africa. It can be easily reached from all over Europe, which makes it an ideal location for a major international event.

The Méridien Beach Plaza Hotel is two minutes away from the Grimaldi Forum. Located in the heart of Monte-Carlo, it combines luxury, peacefulness, and elegance for a unique experience. Facing the sea, its Sea Club conference center has many assets: its size (3,000 square meters), plenty of light, and beautiful design. Culture, design, and gastronomy help provide a fascinating and interactive experience as well as an atmosphere where curiosity is encouraged and fulfilled.

The Monaco Institute will be held on 5-10 November 2013 and its main goal will focus on the necessary change that needs to take place to ensure the future of Rotary International. We will devise concrete solutions based on objective data compiled by an international working group under the leadership of both Gwenaël de Bergevin (Europe) and Mohamed Ghammam (Africa).

18 countries from zones 11, 12, 13A&B, 18B, and part of 20A&B will be represented.

Zone 11: France, Andorra, Monaco
Zone 12: Italy, San Marino, Malta
Zone 13A: Belgium, Netherlands
Zone 13B: Spain, Portugal
Zone 18B: Belgium
Zone 20A: Bahrain, Egypt, Lebanon
Zone 20B: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Mauritania

Looking resolutely at the future, the theme for this Institute will be: Towards the Rotary of the 21st Century, beyond borders. In the ravishing surroundings of the Méridien Beach Plaza Hotel, our discussions will mainly focus on how to optimize the contribution of each country to the goals of Rotary, how should a club-service look like in the 21st Century, Generation Y, and leadership as a club recruitment tool. Renowned speakers will also contribute to the success of this event. On 5 November, Julien Pouget will talk about the “Great Challenges of the 21st Century.” On 8 November, the philosopher Luc Ferry will reflect on “Love: A Philosophy for the 21st Century.” And on 10 November, Jean-François Mattéi will present “The Future of Europe in the 21st Century.” RI President Ron Burton will also share his vision for Rotary International. We also hope that the officers of Rotary International, DGs, DGEs, DGNs, and PDGs as well as all interested Rotarians will bring their contribution to change. In the end, this matters for all of us because day after day we are the ones who are building the Rotary of tomorrow.

Of course, we are planning some festivities for you. On Thursday, 7 November, A Lyrical Evening is scheduled at Intempo Lounge Méditerranée with soprano Délia Noble and baritone Florent Leroux-Roche. Do not miss our Fellowship Night at the Oceanographic Museum with the distinguished participation of the Prince Albert II of Monaco and our closing dinner at Café de Paris on 9 November presided by Michèle Antoniotti, including a singing contest by country.

The Institute program also includes the Governors-Elect Training Seminar on 6-7 November (see program for details) moderated by RPIC Bernard Attard and the Regional Foundation Seminar on 7 November (see program for details) moderated by RRFC Jean-Michel Bécavin. Other seminars are scheduled on 8 November: an Inter-Country Committee meeting facilitated by ICC National Coordinator Bernard Lacaze and a Rotary Leadership Institute seminar facilitated by RLI Vice-Chairman George Hardy.

A spouse program planned by Jeanne di Costanzo and Sylviane Attard is also scheduled. Spouses will have the opportunity, among other things, to visit the attractions of the city. 

The whole Institute team is working hard to make your experience as enjoyable as possible and is happy to welcome you in Monaco.


Jacques di Costanzo, 2012-14 RI Director, Convener
Gideon Peiper, 2012-14 RI Director, Co-Convener
Serge Gouteyron, PRIVP, Assistant-Convener Programs
Norbert Turco, PRID, Assistant-Convener Logistics
Jean Viste, PDG, Institute Chairman
Pierre-Henri Combe, PDG, Treasurer
Jean-Pierre Coudert, PP, Secretary
Chantal Pasqualini, PDG, Sergeant-at-Arms
Charley Imbert, PDG, Aide to RI President Ron Burton